Ministry Of Freedom By Jono Armstrong Review: Is It Worth It?

Welcome to my Ministry of Freedom review, where I’ll show you both the advantages and disadvantages you need to know about this flagship product of Jono Armstrong.

In a Nutshell, Ministry of Freedom is an In-depth High Ticket Coaching Program designed for both beginners and seasoned Affiliate Marketers to guide them in the process to make sure they get the desired results in business.

At the later part of this review, I will be showing you the bonuses that you will get if you join in my link.

But who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono with wife Cice

I’ve known Jono last December 2019 through a Christmas gift given to me by a great mentor, Benny Molinas. He gave me a Pro Version of Jono’s Enigma. It is a training course that opens my eyes to possibilities in the Affiliate Market World. Thanks to coach Benny.

Since then, I follow Jono and bought some products from his reviews, which of course are helping me a lot. One day, I messaged him to ask something and he answered my question and even encouraged me to keep going! From there, I just message him every time I need to ask him with regard to marketing and he is always willing to assist.

So what’s the point? I’m just telling you that this person is real and is always willing to help. I hope that makes sense.

This man is not only a top affiliate marketers but also a top product creator (vendor) in Warrior Plus and JvZoo. He has successfully launched a lot of products already, but this is the best so far.

In this training he will definitely show you how he generates $80k – $150k EVERY MONTH Using a Simple “Rinse & Repeat” System

Now, it’s time to show you the product itself, what’s inside the members’ area, how does it work and how you make money with it. Below is my review video with Jono himself on the Demo.

For those who are not familiar with those yet, WarriorPlus and JvZoo are both legit and established digital platforms for buying and selling products related to online business.

People sell and buy “digital products” such as eBooks, online courses, access to paid membership sites, and software. These products are all in the “Internet Marketing” or general “Business” niches. People are definitely making money in Warrior + and JvZoo.

Jono originally come from UK, traveled to Indonesia at his early twenties and never returned. He is living in Jakarta with his wife Cice, his two sons Adam and Toby, and Morris, their dog.

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As promised, below is the advantages and disadvantages of the Ministry of Freedom.


  1. You will have full the access to this in-depth community,coaching, software, and training that got all expected results.
  2. You will learn exactly the way how he generates $80k – $150k every month.
  3. It covers absolutely everything you need and want to know both Free and Paid Traffic.
  4. He sends traffic from his own massive email list and through Google Ads to your affiliate link every now and then, through a sales ‘rotator’. This means that you’re going to request for your affiliate link from a vendor that Jono will let you know about in advance. You then give Jono that link, and he’s going to send traffic to that link, and other members’ affiliate links. This way, you get more chances of getting sales on a rotating basis.
  5. You’ll be one of those people in the MOF group who are already making money everyday.
  6. You can benefit the 60% discounted price while it’s still in Beta Version. Price will rise sooner.


  1. You need to take massive action to get your desired results.
  2. This is NOT a get rich quick method.
  3. You need to be willing to learn and implement while learning.
  4. You need to accept the fact that you need to show-up your face and create your own review videos.
  5. You need to be willing to create your own products.
  6. You can’t skip things in the process.
  7. You can’t be lazy and impatient.
Seats are limited. Reserve yours now!

or you may now ….

Alright, now that I’ve shown you my unbiased review on this product, I supposed you already have the things you need to know whether to get into it or let this opportunity and training pass. We’ll of course, it’s your decision to make.

An overview on the contents :

Week 1. Mindset, Commitment, Success

The Organic Module

Week 2. Tools and Applications

Week 3 – 4. Launch Jacking

Week 5. Advance Launch Jacking Strategies

Week 6. Soft Launching

Week 7. Email Marketing

Week 8. Product Launching

Week 9. Paid Traffic

According to Jono Armstrong it’s time to …

Here are the Exclusive Great Value Bonuses that comes from Jono himself and from me. These are congruent to achieving your goals with the Ministry Of Freedom.

  1. PROFIT MAXIMIZERS– Full Access of Jono’s Library of over 80 bonuses that he uses in his product promotions. You can also have the option to use it as your bonuses if you don’t have any yet.


3. Facebook Marketing Strategies: HOW TO WIN OVER YOUR COMPETITORS IN FACEBOOK? (E-Book) by Beth Gucio

Note : Bonus nos. 1 is still available, for sale in Warrior Plus. But I’m giving it to you 100% FREE. It will only be available only for a limited time for 7 days only from the day I published this review in my website.

So, If you decide to join through my link, make sure it is within the time given to get the complete set of high valued full access bonuses.

How To Receive Your Bonuses?

If having read this review thoroughly, taking on its advice you decide that The MINISTRY OF FREEDOM by Jono Armstrong is the right Training-Coaching product for your needs and join by clicking on any button on this page you will qualify for claiming the above mentioned bonuses.

All details of those bonuses can be found above. In order to receive your qualifying bonus send an email titled The Ministry Of Freedom by Jono Armstrong bonus redemption’ to or through Direct Message to my Facebook Business Page and include a copy of your email receipt that you received following purchase of The Ministry of Freedom and you will receive your bonus by return.

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