3 Powerful Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one thing that an affiliate marketer must take a close look. Build your list and grow it as big as you can. If done right, it can be a great way to directly interact with a huge audience of possible buyers.

But building and growing your list is not enough. To really be successful, you need to develop the write concept and skills how to write e-mails that get read and that encourage them to buy your offers.

Is it hard?  Not exactly. You just have to condition your mind that you can do it just like the experts. The tips below will help you know what to do and if you just put it into action and have more and more practice on to it, you will surely develop that skills and one day you’ll just see yourself that you’re already getting your desired results.

Build Relationship

One of the most common failures in email marketing is that the way emails are written. Most marketers would go to hard offers directly without even undergoing the process of building relationship.

Just like courtship, you have to establish friendship first then move forward to earn trust. It is only then that you’ll have the great chances making business with them. Most of the time, if not all, people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

So if you are desperate to get to that stage you have understand and go with the process first.  It will definitely lead you to long term success. But how are you going to do it?  Don’t worry, at the later part of this article, I will give you my highly recommended formula on what contents should you put in your emails.

Focus on giving value to your audience.  If you’ve built your mailing list well, then it should be filled with people who are interested in the niche that you’re talking about. As such, you should be able to market to them efficiently as long as you focus on the value proposition and the topic.

Think of useful tips, series of significant training or tutorials in videos if you can.  But if not you may just send them a series of related very short stories or testimonies and then flaunt these in your subject headings. This is no different from the title of an article!

Be Friendly

In this connection, messages that land in an inbox will feel innately more personal. Make sure then that you address this by making your e-mails sound more personal as well – for instance by using the recipients first name and make your tone sounds a bit conversational.  Remember that your intention here is to make friends with them first before you can do business with them.

Be Brief

Keep in mind that most e-mail clients will show a maximum of 50 characters in their subject lines. If you write anything longer than this as your heading, then it won’t get seen and you may lose a click as a result.

Not only your subject lines be short but so as the body of your message.  Go directly to the pain points, solutions and call to action. If you are giving them values that really needs to to be a bit longer, it would be best to just cite the most important details then just send them to your blog related to that particular topic for full details.

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As promised, here’s my highly  recommended email formula for you, provided that you already have identified your niche:  

  1. In your first email welcome them, introduce yourself and tell them the significant benefits they will get in joining your list.
  2. In your second to fifth emails,  provide great contents within your niche that will surely help them solve their problem.  Do not sell anything yet direct, but you can send them them to your blog, if you have one, related to it that has product recommendations. This way, you will not appear to be a seller, instead you’ll be positioning yourself as a solution provider in authority. You may also make these emails like a series, that will make them look forward for your next mail.
  3. In your sixth to tenth emails you now start to soft sell through curiosity. You may cite some testimonies on the results of some people using your offer. But make sure you do not mention the name of the product in the email itself.  This is to create their curiosity that will make them click on the link bringing them to your offer.
  4. In your succeeding emails you may apply the value, testimonies with soft sell, or just benefits with soft sell, and the hard sell alternately.

How often should you send emails to your list?  There are those marketers who broadcast their mails in a daily basis all through out. You may do it daily in your first 10 emails, but after your 10the mail just send 2-3 mails in a week.

Think about your own inbox: for sure you’re absolutely sick of all the spam and marketing messages you get. You’re probably don’t wanna open it, but delete it instead, seeing  who it comes from thinking it would be  another promotional message then, even if you did sign up for it! You may decide to unsubscribe those who are sending you too many mails.

If you are getting value from this, do me a favor, share this article to your social media accounts using the share buttons below or you may link or re-post this in your own site.  So that your  will also benefit from this. I will highly appreciate it and would surely motivate me to write more contents like this for you. Thank you so much. Take care and God bless!

Disclaimer:  This type of content has been proven to have helped many marketers grow their list and improved results.  But there is no guarantee that it will also do the same to you.  All your results will entirely depend on the amount of actions you take to make it happen. Unless you put it into action and be consistent into it, you will not be successful still.  

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