10 Powerful Tips on Personal Branding 2020: For Your Long Term Success

Personal Branding will make a difference in your marketing. With so much competition in the online world, we have to strategize on how we can stand-out among the rest.

Consider yourself as a buyer, would you like to buy from people you don’t know?

Well, there might be few who will do that. But as far as what I have witnessed in online and offline market, 90% of consumers buy products from people they know. And that basically includes me. I only invest with those I know, I see, and I trust. What about you?

Now we’re talking…

If you wanted to maximize the opportunity of building a solid business both online and offline, that would be a great move as a smart marketer. Perhaps, you should have known how powerful personal branding can help you succeed.

I had been pushing so hard to promote my business, but still it did not work well. I realized that no wise buyer will buy anything from somebody he does not really know. 

Remember Oprah? She never made to her success until she figured it out to brand herself. Now she’s the most influential personal brand in the world today.

You know Gary Vaynerchuck? He is a Belarusian American entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality. He got his success by branding himself and now becomes a great advocate of it.

If you are with me on this, you would want to continue reading, but if not, then this article is not for you. Here I’m sharing you what I discover and is working for me.  I have here 10 tips to help you brand yourself too.

1.  Establish laser focus.

                When you decide to work on something and if you are serious to have a quality output on it, you have to establish focus on it.  Branding ourselves to the audience who do not know us personally and does not even have a cliché encounter with us is not easy. 

My point here is that you have to give more time to look for ways and techniques on what brand you want for yourself and how are you going to do it.  Focus on that brand so that people can easily identify you and the things that you can do for them. You also have to understand that it will not happen overnight.  It takes time and it takes work. 

2.    Be original.

                I always here from the experts say, “Follow the footprints of successful people.” But it does not mean that you would want to be totally like them.  You can just model on their ideals and strategies, but still you have to do it on your own way and you just have to be yourself.  Perhaps you can be a combination of successful people that you follow and that become your originality.  Your being different from others will make you stand out from the rest.

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3.  Be a story teller.

                People like to hear stories.  Story telling has been very powerful in getting people’s attention.  Even in schools, no matter how hyperactive the children are, the moment they hear somebody telling a story 80% will pay attention right away to listen to it.  Just like when you are with your friends, when somebody has started a story, the rest will stop and listen.

Emphasize in your stories the most common problems your audience can relate and how were those solved.  It would be best if you also tell your own story.  Your story will be your spring board and most of the time, more and more will be able to relate to it and they will keep on listening to you and will follow on your updates every time you show up with content.

4. Keep it going.

                As what I’ve mentioned earlier that branding yourself is not that easy, it really is.  But if you decide to do it and keep it going, you will have long term benefits on it not just for your business but also for your being a person as a whole.

                One of the best ways for effective personal branding is to create content in regular basis. It could be in blog articles, recorded videos, live videos, and podcast.  You may not do it all, you may want to write articles and post in on your personal website. There are those marketers who have started creating contents but failed to sustain.  You know why?  It takes a lot of work and time and it surely needs you to acquire the skill to create and be creative on to it. Not all are willing to do what it takes.  What about you?

                Try to put yourself at the foot of your possible customers.  What will you think of a marketer who always show-up and give significant contents every day? By instinct, they will continue to follow you, then start to know you, if you are consistent, they may start to like you and eventually trust you.  Then eventually they will buy from you.

5. Be willing to learn more.

                Nobody knows everything. Have you not noticed that the most permanent thing in the world is change? Isn’t it obvious? This means that what have worked before may not work this time anymore and what work now may not work anymore in the future.  So, keep learning and be open to new things that work from time to time.  “The moment you stop learning, you start dying” said Robert Kiyosaki.

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6. Expect failure.

                Nobody is perfect. People commit mistakes.  Identify what went wrong and find ways not to let it happen again.  Consider your mistakes as a learning experience. Avoid doing same things that made you fail and discover ways to improve. 

Yes, I understand that it may just be easy to say, but it’s hard to do.  If you have that feeling, remembering the reason ‘why’ you wanted to achieve, will help you a lot to accept failure, learn from it and improve. 

The same principle is applied to a baby who started to learn to walk.  He keeps on walking even though that he fall sometimes and every time baby falls, he rises up and walk again and again until he improves.                         

As a famous Hollywood actor says, “Failures are a part of life. If you don’t fail, you will never learn. If you don’t learn, you will never change.”   

7. Demonstrate Optimism.

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                In building a personal brand, demonstrating ‘positivity’ is very powerful because it naturally radiates to your followers. But the question is, how to do it?. 

                Consider starting from within.  Start to look for the good side even at the midst of a worst situation.  I know it’s not that easy but when you are able to do it, everything will turn – out well and good.  Always look for the positive side, and your feelings, thoughts and actions will be aligned on to it.  Then it will show in the way you handle things, the way you talk, and the way share values to people.

                Good things will naturally come to good people.  It might not be all the time, but still it’s a lot better than those who show negativity on their personality.

8. Live your everyday life reflecting your brand.

                It will be a lot easier if you build a brand that reflects the real you as a person. Like if you are a person of health and wellness, your thoughts and actions should go along with it.  Your daily activities should be about getting yourself and your family to stay healthy: Eating healthy foods, having a regular exercise, having enough sleep, does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, and the like.

                You would also want to make sure that your actions will be aligned to your words at all time.  People will believe you if you show examples of the things that you are always talking about.

9. Encourage others to share your content to others.

                Every time you share content, never forget to end it with a call to action.  Always remember to ask politely your followers that if they like your content, they might as well share it to their friends whom they think will also be benefited with it.  This is a great strategy to increase your market.  Letting your followers help you by just sharing your contents to their friends.

10. Show goodwill on your purpose.

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                One of the best ways in establishing your brand is to show good will in your purpose.  Think about for a deeper purpose that will help not only for few but for many.  It’s not just about business. Think about ways on how you can help people first.  When they see it and you show sincerity, business will just follow.

In spite of these tips, some may easily be tempted to short cut everything and would prefer to promote the company and it’s products directly instead of themselves. Well no problem if they own the company. But if being an affiliate or distributor, he would want to brand himself first before what he sells.

Yeah, that’s it! Thank you so much for reading this far. I hope you enjoy and find value in my content.  If you do, please share this to your friends whom you think will also be benefited with it.   

In case you need help to get started in branding yourself, I do free coaching. I might be able to help you. Just send me a message on my Facebook page.

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